Planks / Boards

Planks / Boards

We carry plank stock in 25mm and 50mm thickness and is mostly all waney edged. As with virtually all kiln-dried hardwoods, it's not without its splits and cracks, but while we will try to minimise the severity of these boards with splits in, the boards you get may have some small splits. The greater percentage of the boards that go out will end up being cut into smaller sizes, splits are mostly cut out during this process. Ever wondered why most platters are weird shapes and you don't get big square olivewood chopping boards and platters?

Whilst the boards are listed in lengths of 1m, if you want 1m in 2, 3 or 4 pieces (for your specific products), I can supply those instead of a 1m length. The boards are cut from stock that is up to 2.2m long, so if you want something longer than 1m, please get in touch.

The 50mm boards would make ideal river table or resin tables.


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